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„Reparieren ist meine zweite Rente!“ (Kunde)




In Bavaria alone, every citizen throws away nine kilos of electronic waste per year. Much of it could still be repaired, but usually it is simply cheaper to buy a new appliance.

3 Sat / 02.04.2022



Fixing for future - The student repair workshop delivers active climate protection  from 11.11.2019



EARTH TO FUTURE - Turning old into new - repairing and rebuilding episode of 15.12.2018


A film report about our workshop in the Bavarian television programme Quer from 7.12.2017



A promotional film created by the students:



Hall 2 won the Eurocities Awards 2017 with its new concept of cooperation with repair cafes. The centrepiece of the 2-minute promotional film is our student repair workshop:



Energy Saving Champion 2018